Arla Cheesy Spread: The Real Cheese

2:45 PM

Price: P80.00 ($1.74)/240g
Where to buy: Available on selected leading stores nationwide.

There are a lot of cheese spreads sold in the market nowadays. Cheese is one of the most favorite spread in the Philippines. Cheese is good for our health because it is an excellent non meat source of protein and it has a lot of calcium, minerals and other kinds of vitamins that is good for our body.

Introducing Cheesy Spread by Arla Foods.

Arla Foods believe that milk is nature's most unique food. It’s the first drink you ever had and it can be a part of a healthy diet throughout your life. They also believe that no single food is healthy or unhealthy. It’s all about how you combine them and the amount you eat.

Healthy and delicious breads made with other products of Arla.

Arla Cheesy Spread is made up with fresh cow milk and vegetable oils. It contains calcium to build and maintain strong bones and Vitamin A that plays a vital role in bone growth, reproduction and immune system.

I'm a cheese lover! So when I had a chance to dropped their booth in Blogapalooza event, I'm so glad to received a gift pack from them. Every morning, I enjoyed this cheesy spread with a newly baked pandesal to start my day. I'm so in love with it!

- The first every white real cheese
- Thick consistency
- The best cheesy spread I've ever taste

- None :)

Milk, Palm oil, Emulsifier: Trisodium Phosphate, Salt, Lactic Acid culture.

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  1. Sounds interesting! I've never tried cheesy spread. I do like cheese though! I agree that dairy is one of the most comforting foods. I can pretty much eat just cheese and ice cream and be happy. (Maybe not healthy, though!)

  2. Hey Dorothy. Minsan nga pag nasa grocery ako... (in a few days time), I will pick one up and try. Hindi ko pa kasi ito nasusubukan eh. Basta masarap ha?

    1. Hello Sir, Yes you will totally love it. It's creamy and very delicious. I'm not sure about the exact price of it since I haven't seen one before on supermarkets. Will try to buy another one this week!

      - Dorothy

  3. The Photo's are really cool, well done! I love cheese spread! I'm a big fan of all kind of different ones. I should give this one a try if they sell it in Sweden :) xo

  4. Got one at blogapalooza and love it too! I brought it at work so i get to enjoy it when im taking meryenda. Sarap, swear! :)

  5. Arla - My saviour in the Philppines whenever I am craving for real cheese.

  6. Yes, for the cheese! The bread looks very delicious. I miss to try one on the Blogapalooza event. I would just look for one in the market.

  7. I saw this also in the grocery store. I'm a big cheese lover too! I'll pick this up in the groceries and give it a try next time. Great for merienda!

  8. I HATE cheese and I know , this is bad for my health . Don't forget to mention how important Calzium ( vitamin D ) is especially for us ladies , when it comes to the common menopausal health issues like Osteoporose and bone weakness in general . All dairy products are very good and important for women ! Knowing all this , I still don't eat cheese , stupid me !

  9. This is the first time I've heard about Arla but I'm definitely going to buy one because it's cheap and I love cheese. And I happen to love white cheese.

  10. We have Arla milk in the UK but I didn't know they did cheese spreads. I notice that this contains palm oil, I try not to use products with this in unless it is free from this as its so damaging environmentally, I know maybe it's not an issue for a lot of people but for me it's a no no!! I do love a cheese spread though, you can do so much with them! Gorgeous photos by the way.




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