#DermoBeautiful with Céleteque

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Manila, Philippines June 2, 2016 - CÉLETEQUE Dermo™, inspired by the cosmeceutical revolution in the US and Europe, believes that the foundation of all that is beautiful lies in its science. It is for this reason that CÉLETEQUE Dermo™ continues to harness its leading-edge research and development team to help you achieve beautiful and healthy skin.

Hosted by Gelli Victor


Advanced Anti-Aging

Sun Care


We got to finished our Mission: Classified Dermo Mission. First we had our makeup done and consulted the beauty expert.

Makeup by Mr. Mike Lariosa

We enter the mystery lab where we solved the 3 most common skin problems today - sensitive, oily and dry.

Ohh! That's me!!

Céleteque DermoScience and DermoCosmetics

With 6 different sub-brands co-developed with dermatologists that cater to specific skin needs, Céleteque DermoScience™ uses the power of customized regimen in achieving optimum skin improvement.

Unmask a new Dermo breakthrough that will change the way you look at beauty. The latest innovation of the brand, Céleteque DermoCosmetics™, combines make up and skin care in one.

Our beauty loot because Céleteque celebrates their 10 years of DermoBeautiful.

Always remember, Beauty starts with a healthy skin.
Be #DermoBeautiful. Choose wisely, Choose Céleteque

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  1. I have a horrendously sensitive skin and I'm always excited as well as skeptical about something new... but the way you've put it here, makes me wanna try some of these :)

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  2. I am extra careful with my skin, age doesn't do wonders haha; so I am always on the lookout for new products and brands. Seems like you had such a fun day as well.

  3. I'm not much into products like that. I didn't even know Céletque to be honest. The only product I use is Nivea for Men in winter when my skin get dry because of the cold and to hydrate as well any sensitive part of my skin like tattoos

  4. What a beautiful nice blog dear.

    We believe it’s never too late or too early to begin taking care of your skin. Our cosmetological solutions have been developed keeping in mind the general needs of your skin as well as the various problems that could possibly affect it. I love using celeteque every now and then.

  5. I just recently got an interest to how to properly take care of my skin I guess t's not too late, right? I am more eager to read this kind of products; from which I can see if something fits my needs. This is a well narrated post btw.

  6. I myself is guilty of having oily skin after my make up. I'm so glad you had this article so I could try Celeteque. Looks like I'm going to the mall after reading this. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  7. Have super oily skin here and its only very late that ive started to really put some real care to my skin. Havent tried Celeteque but heard a number of good reviews. And you have there a great real treat from Celeteque.

  8. I love their Cleansing Oil so much as it's so effective in moisturizing and removing stubborn makeup.

  9. I use celeteque because of my sensitive skin. so far I am so satisfied with their product! I envy you the treats that you have!

  10. People spend a fortune just to get perfect skin. I hope that these products are truly effective in renewing the skin. There are so many products in the market giving the same promise. Hopefully al those people working for them can vouch for their products. ;)

  11. Looks like a fun event. I don't know much about that skin care brand, but the packaging looks very professional. And that's certainly a lot of swag! I always enjoy giving myself a little facial from time to time.

  12. was not aware of these.. haha practically because im a guy? lol though honestly i actually use things like these sometimes.. (im so vain) loli probably could check some time as well thanks

  13. Now, that's Celeteque hoarding :)) I'm glad you had a fun day. I loved how Celeteque has its own cosmetic line. <3

  14. Great event!! Looks like you had fun!! I was not aware of this product till I read your post!! :) Thank you for your detailed review!! :)

  15. I have extreme skin type. And I am that careful with my skin regimens. And so I am always trusting the products that is really suitable for me, though Celeteque is quite expensive its okay as long as you will achieve your pore free face and there is no harm in trying it. Loving how you had such a fun day with them :) see you soon pretty girl

  16. I too am a fan of the Celeteque formula where there is no foam, no bubbles, no colors -- just pure skincare! I use the same formula in my new brand, but Celeteque will be my flagship one, together with Cetaphil

  17. Haven't tried out celeteque but from reviews I know that it is a good brand. Your make-up btw looks so pretty! Looks great on you!

  18. I love their products ever since high school - and that was what? 10 years? grabe. hehe. Hindi pa ganyan their packaging , ginagamit ko na. But I think they have added so much more and wanted to try it too! I think it would be effective too cause the one that I've been using is really effective that's why I have been using it for years...


    P.S Haven't I've met you in one of the events? Tama ba in Aqua Minerals Event? I'll search you up in FB ah..

    1. Hello Jaimie,
      Yes po!!! I saw you kaso I was too shy to approach you that time hihi. Hugs

  19. What a nice experience! Seems like this is a perfect and recommended gifts for girl-friends. Haha.

  20. I did try Celeteque's facial wash some time ago. Though I did not stick using it, I can say it's one of the products that complemented my skin.

  21. I've been using Celeteque for a year now and haven't switched to any other brand. I love how it does its magic to my skin.

  22. Wow! Your beauty loot is <3! I use the hydration and sun care moisturizer and I really like them for my oily skin.

  23. Im a celeteque user for years and counting! I love their sun care products! Im using a facial mosturizer and the one for skin! I love celeteque ❤️




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