KitSound Sonar Wireless Bluetooth and NFC PortableSpeaker with LED Light Show Review

11:47 AM

Price: P2995/$159
Where to buy: Available on

Product Description: At KitSound they believe that music deserves to be listened to with great quality products that don’t cost the earth. That’s why they craft their British engineered audio so everyone can experience a music at its best – premium sound, priced sensibly.

The KS Sonar is a powerful little wireless speaker with 4 W of punch that also provides a portable light show, adding another dimension to your music.

- Five multi colored LED themes
- Built-in rechargeable battery
- NFC and Bluetooth V4.0
- Wired or Wireless Connectivity
- Call - handling

- Play time: up to 6 hours
- Bluetooth range: 10 m
- Output RMS: 4 W
- Frequency reponse: 100 Hz - 20 kHz
- Water-resistant rating: IPX4

Box contents:

- KS Sonar Bluetooth speaker
- Micro USB charge cable
- 3.5mm audio cable
- Lanyard
- User manual

Multi-coloured LED modes – Release your music through KitSound Sonar, and watch the incredible multi-coloured LED modes come to life. With five totally unique settings – including two which react to the music – you’ll never be bored, and you can experience your music in a totally fresh and vibrant way.

Incredibly playtime – Never be without your favourite tunes with the KitSound Sonar, which has up to 6 hours of playtime. You are now free to move around your daily life surrounded by your own personal soundtrack, so enjoy the freedom of long playtime.

Completely wireless – The KitSound Sonar is completely wireless, which means that you will never have to untangle yourself from a multitude of wires again. The Bluetooth range is 10 m and you also have the option of using NFC wireless connection. But if you love your wires, don’t worry: the KitSound Sonar works on a wired connection too. However you want to experience your music, the KitSound Sonar can make that happen.

Resistant to water – There’s nothing quite like music on the move, and the KitSound Sonar has been purposefully designed to be happy in any weather, anywhere. Whether you’re at the beach or camping under the stars, you can bring the party wherever you are. The water resistance rating of IPX4 shows that the KitSound Sonar can match almost anything you threw at it.

- LED Light Show themes
- Wireless connectivity
- Water resistant
- Clear and strong audio to have a best music

- It can only be use up to 6 hours only
- It is not convenient to hold since it is heavy

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  1. That looks like a pretty cool speaker! I have been thinking of getting usb speakers for my computer for a while cause the sound is starting to get messed up. Thanks for the review, I'll check it out.

  2. looks good but I agree that 6 hours is a bit shorter. I just purchased something like this and it is up to 11 hours though the price is almost the same. :)

  3. My husband bought a bluetooth speaker also. It's round though. I can't remember the brand, however. But I agree that good music should be listened to with good quality equipment.

  4. The LED lights are too cool! I'm planning to buy bluetooth speaker too. However, this one is quite expensive for me. Yes, it is true that the 6 hour playtime is shorter than the other inexpensive speaker in the market.

  5. I think this is a competitor of JBL flash. Anyway, it's good to know that KitSound exists. I find the con to be a turn off to me. I don't really like heavy gadgets. Thanks for sharing though. -Me-An of

  6. I like wireless speakers because you can connect them to multiple devices and play your favorite music while you are doing house chores for example. Mine is just a simple system, I would like to have one like this one, with colors.

  7. Not into gadgets but this one would be useful for me since I love music. Thanks for sharing this

  8. This is awesome! I've been looking for wireless speaker online but sad to say I don't find unique and exciting at the same time. Glad you have reviewed this item!

  9. I saw this speaker somewhere and got curious because of the led lights. I'd like to ask if there's light indicator to know if it's full charge already or not and I hope you can have a sample video with it while playing. Thanks!

  10. Sounds very trendy and stylish, especially with the LED lights! how is the bass though? I am very particular about my bass (I love my house music, thank you very much!)

  11. This sounds perfect gift for my fiance. He loves gadgets. Do you think they will be able to ship to India?

  12. This sounds perfect gift for my fiance. He loves gadgets. Do you think they will be able to ship to India?

  13. Pretty cool ei! I'll get one for the wifey who's got some boring speakers beside her laptop hehe.

  14. For less than 3k, this is a pretty good deal. Its wireless connectivity makes it very handy, and the cool theme colours are adorable 😄

  15. I don't understand why they call it sonar, lol. But speaker looks good. 6 hours life should be enough, with all those lights.

  16. It sounds really good. Very stylish item! 😄

  17. A must have! As someone who constantly plays music anytime anywhere this is a must need.

  18. When I read that it's water resistant I got really interested. I thought this is nice to bring at the pool for night swimming especially with the cool lights but the 6 hours battery life is way too short :(

  19. Wow this bluetooth speaker is amazeballs! But poof, I can't afford it :( #PoorProblems HAHA


  20. This is really cool. I love how they incorporated the LED lights to a speaker. perfect for getaways with Friends.

  21. I honestly really wanna have that! It has great sound quality based from the video I heard. I need a speaker like this for my class.




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